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Welcome to BAKAD road & company website

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Know about us

BAKAD road & company

The project is part of the transcontinental transport corridor
"Western Europe - Western China".

  • Almaty region

    Almaty region: Karasai district, Iliysk district , Talgar district

  • Implementation time

    - Concession period : 20 years
    - Construction time 50 months (October 2024).
    - Planned launch - June 2023 (Life - 15 years 10 months)

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Why choose us

Conveniences and benefits of driving through BAKAD:

  • Reduced travel time
  • Comfortable and safe driving on high quality roads
  • Reduction of atmospheric air emissions
  • Reduction of congestion in Almaty and suburban areas
  • Improved capacity and competitiveness of transit routes
Pricing plan

Toll rates

Toll rates

Toll rate for 60 minutes and You can find information about the Subscription fee here.

  • Passenger cars, buses (seats)
  • Cargo vehicles (tons)
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